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Learn These 24 Characteristics

These are traits that anyone can develop. It makes no difference how old you are, how much education you have, or what you have accomplished to date. Adopting these personality characteristics enables you to operate on a genius level.

About Us

Bob Duggan’s mission is to empower every one of the 8 billion individuals on Earth to recognize their inherent genius. Genius Inc was founded after Bob secured the rights to 24 defining traits, with a vision to ensure everyone has access to learning these crucial characteristics. Through real-life examples from his own billion-dollar company, Bob conducts seminars where he intricately breaks down each trait to its essence.

Historically, ‘genius’ was often seen as an inherent gift at birth. Over time, this perception has been diluted, leading many to doubt their capabilities and forsake their aspirations. Bob’s journey is a testament to transcending beyond dreaming—to becoming one’s dream.

His message is clear: you also have the potential to be a genius.

Our Projects

We are dedicated to helping all lifeforms realize their genius potential. From producing genius episodes to supporting the barrios of Costa Rica and revitalizing the educational spirits of the children there, we strive to make a global impact. Our educational kits, created in English and soon in multiple languages, are designed to help the world discover its brilliance.

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